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What’s New???

Here you find my latest contributions on this membership section of, with the newest additions listed on top. Don’t forget to check my public blog on from time to time either, and sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch. As always, I appreciate any feedback you may have.

  • July 18: New blog post on “The State of Traditional Chinese Gynecology in the West” at my HappyGoatProductions sister website….

  • July 11: Minor update to my EVENTS page, which may not look like much but always involves a lot of planning and work behind the scenes. This means that I will be traveling to Canada in April (for the Integrative Fertility Symposium), to Germany in May (for the TCM Kongress again), and to Australia in August. Private seminars on gynecology and pediatrics (team-taught with Peter Gigante hopefully) in Melbourne and Sydney to be arranged still. And perhaps some teaching with my dear friend Debra Betts if she can come over from New Zealand!

  • July 2: Two new casual quick answers that may be of interest to some of you. No serious research but some ideas on where to go looking for them: Medicinals that came to China from Buddhism and Use of Abortifacients in the Classics.

  • July 1: After a long period of silence, a couple of personal posts on the Beachwalk Blog, which will hopefully keep going. Creativity is not something I can force, and I have found that serious translation and writing work on my book projects just sucks me dry.

  • June 4: It’s been a crazy busy month, with a book release party in Portland and then preparations for and attending at the 50th anniversary of the famous TCM Kongress in Rothenburg, Germany. Now I look forward to returning to my work on Qi Zhongfu’s “Hundred Questions on Gynecology.” I am about half-way through volume 2… In the meantime, here’s a quick blog that I just wrote in response to a question about Sun Simiao’s writings on gynecology: “Bei ji qian jin yao fang, vols. 2-4.

  • I will be in Portland for a book release celebration, organized by the National University of Natural Medicine, to celebrate the publication of “Classical Chinese Medicine” by Liu Lihong, translated by a team that included myself and edited by Heiner Fruehauf (see here for more information on this book), and the release of my own “Channeling the Moon.” I will have brand new copies of my book available for signing and sale.

  • May 8: The information page is now up for the retreat I will be teaching on “The Transformative Power of Yin” with Brenda Hood and Lillian Pearl Bridges at the gorgeous Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island, here in the Pacific Northwest. Visit the retreat page here to find out more and start the registration process if you are interested.

  • May 1: I released my new book, Channeling the Moon: A translation and discussion of Qí Zhòngfǔ’s “Hundred Questions on Gynecology 齊仲甫 《女科百問》. For more information and to purchase it, see the listing in my online store at I will also have copies for sale at the Congress in Rothenburg at the end of May, so if you want a copy there, just drop me a note so I can put you on the list.

  • April 25: New blog on “Sun Simiao’s fertility treatments,” which is an excerpt from the Introduction of my forthcoming book.

  • April 24: Finished cover design and submitted the hopefully final manuscript of my forthcoming book “Channeling the Moon” to the printer. Once we approve the exam copy, we may be able to start shipping books out before I leave for Europe in mid-May. The book will definitely be available for sale at the TCM Kongress in Rothenburg May 28 through June 1. Stay tuned and check in at the Online Store over at Happy Goat Productions after May 1st.

  • The website for the upcoming November retreat on “Attuning the Spirit to the Four Qi” is now up and open for registration. We anticipate this retreat to fill up quickly… It is an exploration of Sù Wèn Chapter Two on attuning to the four seasons taught by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée, Z’ev Rosenberg, and myself, as the first production of our new Baoming Institute (stay tuned for that).

  • March 5: A new page on “Chinese History and Culture 2,” which is the second module in my three module crash course on Chinese History, Culture, Religion, Philosophy, and Medicine for busy practitioners of Chinese medicine.

  • February 4, 2019: Big things are brewing and stewing in this brand new year of the Yin Earth Pig. Appropriate for the mood of feasting and enjoying abundance in community, my assistants Robyn Sodders and Daniel Schrier have been busy helping me conceptualize and organize a number of nurturing and transformative retreats, all held in truly stunning locations. Here is the information page for “Cloud Hidden Whereabouts Unknown,” a combination herb walk and academic retreat modeled on last year’s success, held in the high mountains outside of Taos, New Mexico, with Z’ev Rosenberg. Registration is now open! Shortly to come are the information and registration pages for two retreats to be held at magical Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island in my own backyard, in late October with Lillian Pearl Bridges and Brenda Hood, and in late November with Z’ev Rosenberg and Elisabeth Rochat. See the ABOUT page for more information on my co-conspirators.

  • January 10, 2019: Some updates to the Chinese History and Culture I page, which grew out of a course I used to teach as a large class and is now a guideline for some mentoring. Watch out for news on upcoming classes later this year that I am busy developing right now, besides working on the forthcoming gynecology book.

  • December 4, 2018: I was going to write a blog for just members on the issue of “seal penises and testes in gynecology” but then decided I should share it publicly, so it went up on my Happy Goat Productions blog instead. Here is the link! I would love to get some feedback from the experienced herbalists among you since vacuity cold is obviously a very important topic in gynecology.

  • Nov. 28, 2018: Q&A post on “Looking for a translation of Sun Simiao’s Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang, vols. 2-4.”

  • Nov. 28 update on communicating with Imperial Mentorship members: I have not received a single positive comment on the Facebook page, so I assume it’s not a helpful addition. We are creating an email list that members can opt in or out on, plus an option to be automatically notified of new posts in the Q&A section. Please drop me a note if you have any preference or idea.