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Virtue Healing Workshop

Virtue Healing in the Tradition of Wang Fengyi: A Practical Exploration with Scott Tower-Maloney & Sabine Wilms

Wang Fengyi, a Manchurian subsistence farmer turned enlightened healer in the early twentieth century.

Wang Fengyi, a Manchurian subsistence farmer turned enlightened healer in the early twentieth century.

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October 11-14, 2018

Weaverville, North carolina

When teaching the Dao, do not stray from your personal experience, just as you do not stray from the anvil when forging iron.
— Wang Fengyi
If you don’t walk the Dao, you don’t know how to use it. If you do not translate Virtue into action, there simply is no Virtue.
— wang fengyi

Sabine Wilms, PhD, and Scott Tower-Maloney, L.Ac., invite you to explore the “Path of the Good Person” (Shanrendao 善人道) with us for an intimate weekend of quiet introspection and stimulating exploration of Chinese cultural and medical concepts in a very small group. This will be an opportunity for deep personal growth and healing as well as heart-felt sharing in a beautiful, supportive, nurturing environment in the woods of North Carolina. We aim to create a community of healers, to cultivate the body, mind, and spirit with techniques and ideals from Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, and Chinese medicine. We offer our combined personal experience as well as professional expertise: Sabine in a historically and culturally sensitive approach to Wang Fengyi’s teachings in the context of Chinese medicine, philosophy, and religion, and Scott in the rich clinical application of this material. Scott and Sabine met during a Wang Fengyi retreat with Liu Lihong, Abbot Ming Chan, and Heiner Fruehauf in 2012 and have been exploring together how to transmit these teachings ever since. We will introduce you to the simple yet astoundingly effective system of “Virtue Healing” developed by Wang Fengyi, a Manchurian subsistence farmer turned enlightened healer in the early twentieth century. 

We Will Facilitate

  • Moving towards healing relationships in your family, work, and community by taking responsibility for your shortcomings, releasing blame and judgment, and feeling deep gratitude toward others, especially your elders. 
  • Realizing the role of the heart and the emotions in disease and in healing.
  • Applying the Five Elements to the understanding of human behavior and physiology, and to nurturing the Five Virtues in the service of healing. 

Your Instructors

Scott Tower-Maloney, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Scott Tower-Maloney is an acupuncturist, herbalist and experienced international lecturer with over 30 years of clinical practice.  He has a degree in Religious Studies from Yale and a deep interest in the emotional roots of both disease and healing.  He has been moved, personally and professionally, by the deep wisdom of Wang Fengyi and is passionate about sharing this material with others.

Sabine Wilms, PhD

Sabine Wilms is the author and translator of more than a dozen books on Chinese medicine, including two books on Wang Fengyi’s teachings. She specializes in bringing ancient Chinese wisdom from the medical and philosophical classics to life, especially in the context of contemporary medical practice, through publishing at, and teaching at 

Scott and Sabine

Workshop Includes

  • Lectures: on the key concepts and theoretical foundations in philosophy and medicine, on the historical and cultural context of these teachings, and on their contemporary application.
  • Storytelling as a therapeutic tool: from exemplary figures from Chinese history, from the lives of Wang Fengyi and Liu Yousheng, and from our own lives and experiences.
  • Exercises for personal cultivation: chanting, qigong, writing, silent reflection, and communion with nature.
  • Sharing and witnessing in an intimate supportive community.
  • Discussion of clinical applications.
  • Walks, Chinese tea ceremony, shared wholesome meals.
  • Sixteen CEUs from NCCAOM.
Radiant Yang and 12 Characters by Sabine Wilms.

A must for all Chinese medicine practitioners.
— lillian pearl bridges

Registration and information

If interested and to start the application process, please complete this questionnaire to help us determine whether this experience is suitable for you. If you have any other questions, please contact Scott Tower-Maloney: This retreat is capped at 10 participants so please contact us soon.  Retreats fill up quickly.

  • Date: October 11-14, 2018.
  • Cost: $1950. Some need-based scholarships available. Anyone who feels strongly called to this work should contact us. Price includes locally-sourced catered group meals and shared on-site lodging ($150 supplemental for single room, $150 reduction for camping).
  • Location: Sky of the Heart Preserve, Weaverville, North Carolina.

I believe that Virtue Healing is at the crux of healing conditions, illnesses, or diseases that are difficult or seemingly impossible to treat. Epigenetics has proven that we carry ancestral knowledge and predispositions. Here is a way to alter what seems to be inevitable to create optimum health.
— Lillian Pearl Bridges