Translating Ancient Chinese Wisdom into Medicine for Today
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Cloud Hidden Whereabouts Unknown 2019

Cloud Hidden Whereabouts Unknown 2020

A Five-Day Excursion and Study Program with Z’ev Rosenberg L.Ac. and Sabine Wilms Ph.D.

Sabine and Students Communing with Trees in Talpa Canyon, 2018

Sabine and Students Communing with Trees in Talpa Canyon, 2018

August 16-20, 2020

Talpa Canyon

near Taos, new mexico

In a state of tranquility and ease, of emptiness and absence of desire, the genuine qì follows along. With the jīngshén safeguarded inside, where could disease possibly come from?
— Qí Bó, Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, Plain Questions 1
Z’ev in his element

Z’ev in his element

People in the most ancient past! Their knowledge of the Dào allowed them to model themselves after yīn and yáng, harmonize their actions with the various arts of divination and computation, know the perfect measure in their food and drink, have routine in their periods of rest and activity, and avoid recklessly taxing their bodies with excessive physical activity. For this reason, they were able to keep their body and spirit together and thus live out their heavenly years to the end, only departing after more than a hundred years of age.
— Qí Bó, Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, Plain Questions 1

This retreat in the mountains near Taos, New Mexico, will balance field work with study, practicality with classical scholarship. Field excursions will involve identifying and discussing local medicinals and their equivalents in Chinese Materia Medica literature in order to determine potential uses in consonance with mainstream Chinese internal medicine. Lectures will feature discussions on ecological medicine and macrocosmic resonance according to the Yellow Emperor; the medicinal uses of stones and waters; vessel dynamics and the terminology of flow; the identification and use of local and Chinese medicinals in modern clinical practice; and the classical principles and contemporary applications of yǎng shēng 養生 (nurturing life) theories.

  • For more information on Z’ev’s book on the Yellow Emperor’s ecological medicine, see here.

  • For more information on Sabine's translations of

    • the Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica, see here, and

    • Suwen Chapter 5, The “Great Treatise on the Resonant Manifestations of Yin and Yang,” see here.

Your Instructors

Z’ev Rosenberg


Z’ev Rosenberg, L. Ac., is one of the first generation of practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine in America. Before opening his practice in acupuncture and herbal medicine in 1983, he was a shiatsu therapist and macrobiotic counselor since 1975 in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Z’ev is chair emeritus at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where he taught for 23  years,  lectures widely around the United States, and has written many articles published in all of the professional English-language journals of Chinese medicine. His first book, “Returning to the Source” has been released by Singing Dragon Books.

Sabine Wilms


Sabine Wilms PhD is the author of more than a dozen books on Chinese medicine (sold at her publishing website Happy Goat Productions here), including a translation of the Shénnóng Běncǎo Jīng (Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica). She specializes in bringing ancient Chinese wisdom from the medical and philosophical classics to life, especially in the context of contemporary medical practice. The mountains around Taos, and especially Talpa Canyon, where our retreat center is located, are in her blood and bones, ever since she ran her goat farm and orchard in Talpa many years ago.

RETREAT Includes

  • Daily morning herbal expeditions: In daily field trips, we will explore local plants in select riparian and forested medium- to high-altitude areas in the high desert mountains around Taos. Note: Participants must be able to hike through woods on steep rough trails at high altitudes! Please contact us if you have physical limitations.

  • Daily afternoon lectures: on Ecological Medicine According to the Yellow Emperor; Therapeutic Use of Waters in Chinese Medicine; Terminology of Movement/Flow and Vessel Dynamics; and Introduction of Chinese Materia Medica / Talk about Ligusticums (Osha, Chuān Xiōng, Dú Huó).

  • Mealtime and evening camp-fire chats to process the information and experiences of the day.

  • Potentially Qigong practice in the morning…

  • A field trip to the magical healing waters of Ojo Caliente hotsprings.

  • An authentic Chinese tea ceremony (or two) in the mountains.

  • A guest appearance by master herbalist Nate Mohler, LAc, MSOM.

  • Shared wholesome meals in the gorgeous facilities of our retreat center. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions during the application process. Vegetarian/vegan options will be provided.

  • 30 CEUs from NCCAOM and 30 CEU CA CEU Category I.

high mountain tea

high mountain tea

Far from simply adding a bit of knowledge or a few tricks to my repertoire, retreating into the beautiful Taos mountains during Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown sparked a dynamic evolution in my practice. For five days, I was plucked out of ordinary life and plunged into the depths of our challenging, expansive, and inspiring medicine. Z’ev and Sabine facilitated a beautiful discussion on topics within classical Chinese medicine in a way that we all had the opportunity to discover innate wisdom, ancient secrets and hidden meaning for ourselves.
— Debi Shargel LAC, retreat participant in 2018

Registration and information

If interested and to start the application process, please complete this questionnaire. Note that this retreat is capped at 15 participants and we expect it to fill.

  • Date: August 16-20, 2020 (starting at 3 pm on Sunday and ending at 4 pm on Thursday).

  • Cost: Includes tuition, food and lodging, and all transportation during the event and between the Albuquerque airport and retreat location for the start and end of the retreat. Note that you will have to arrange your own transportation to Taos if you arrive from elsewhere or too early or late for the group bus. Options available are $1845 for shared or $1995 for a private room

  • Location: The gorgeous Pot Creek Canyon campus of Southern Methodist University in Talpa Canyon outside of Taos, New Mexico (link here).

I am still processing and marinating on all the nectar of knowledge you passed on to us in Taos. I’m feeling very blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you both. I now have newfound inspiration, clarity and energy!”

”The 2018 Taos retreat was a unique and wonderful learning experience! Starting the retreat off with a natural mineral spring bath was an amazing way to ground and acclimate myself to the new environment. Taking herbal walks, trying herbal tinctures, identifying wild Fuzi, drinking Taiwanese high mountain oolong in the woods all enhanced the learning experience. Sabine and Z’ev are a dynamic duo; they breathe life into the Classic texts with their unique perspectives. Sabine inspired me to focus on women’s and children‘s health with Chinese Medicine!
— participant reviews from the 2018 retreat