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Bei ji qian jin yao fang vols. 2-4

Question: Bei ji qian yao fang: Vol 2-4 on Gynecology

Can I buy a copy of this book? It’s not available on Amazon and I don’t see it here...

Dear XYZ,

Thank you for asking about my translation of Sun Simiao's gynecology volumes. I had to pull it out of circulation about ten years ago, after regaining the copyrights, because my former publisher had made unauthorized changes that I was not informed of before publication and that substantially altered the text and introduced errors that I felt were not acceptable. It has been my intention for years now to republish the book but I have been busy with other projects, unfortunately. I am currently working on translating Qi Zhongfu's Nǚ Ke Bai Wen 女科百問, from 1220, which is an easier, more approachable, and more clinically applicable text for practitioners of Chinese traditional gynecology, in my opinion. I have recently published the first volume, which contains questions 1-14 on theoretical foundations and menstruation, and am about half way through volume two. Here is more information on that book:

If you have specific questions on Sun Simiao's work in vols. 2-4, maybe I can answer them for you? I am really sorry that I have not found the time and finances to republish the Bei ji qian jin yao fang vols. 2-4 so far.

Sabine WilmsComment