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The Transformative Power of Yin

The Transformative Power of Yin

The world needs Yin more right now than it has ever needed it. As spiritual women, we have an obligation to cultivate Yin at this point, when Yang is at an apex and we need to restore balance.

We invite you to join us for four days on magical Orcas Island to explore the Transformative Power of Yin.


October 17-20, 2019

Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island

in the Puget Sound, Washington

By acting through non-acting, there is nothing that is not put in good order.
— Laozi
The Purpose of Life is to be yourself as much as you can be, by combining your innate talents and abilities with the wisdom from your life experience and merging them with your intrinsic spirit. Then give yourself back to the world as a gift.
— Lillian Pearl Bridges

In the spirit of Yin, this retreat is intended as a space for intimate conversation, deep contemplation, play and laughter, community-building and support, love, and serious inner work. Under the guidance of three leading teachers in Chinese medicine, we shall explore the power of Yin together.

  • To register for the retreat, start by filling out this survey.

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  • Click HERE for an outline to get a feeling for the flow of the retreat.

  • Embracing the symbolism of Chinese numbers, we will have a total of six formal sessions of 3 hours each, for a total of 18 (CEUs pending).

  • Some themes we will explore: The symbolism of Yin (femininity, water, moon, darkness, stillness, emptiness, receptivity, aging, autumn/winter, etc.); self-realization and authenticity; creativity and fertility (physical and spiritual); the meaning of being Yin in the world, especially in the context of yangsheng; authentic alchemy; menstruation and blood; 開悟 “opening up to the self through the heart"; surrendering to the Dao by embracing wuwei and divine timing.

  • Included in the cost are lodging and meals, snacks, and unlimited use of the spa facilities on site (sauna, hot outdoor soaking tubs, private beach)

Here is a list of the “Un-Activities” (or wuwei actions) we have planned, to leave our rational minds behind:

  • Cosmic Central Channel Qigong

  • Communing with nature (tree hugging, moon worshipping, star gazing, rock collecting), feeling the sea (standing in or by her or going swimming), sensing the whales…

  • Cultivating perception through physical exercises, to perceive the Qi around us, explore boundaries, and experience the Yin power of receptivity

  • Being still, resting, feeling the space between breaths, sauna and hot tubs.

  • Making soup and baking bread

  • Tea ceremony

  • Journaling, arts and crafts, music and other creative endeavors.

Your Instructors

Brenda Hood


Brenda Hood, PhD, LAc, spent over 20 years studying in China, learning Chinese medicine, exploring inner alchemy for women, and picking up a PhD in Daoist philosophy in the process. For the past 8 years she has been teaching and practicing Chinese medicine in Portland, OR.

Lillian Pearl Bridges


Lillian Pearl Bridges is the author of “Face Reading in Chinese Medicine” and teaches students from around the world about Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis. She spent her childhood learning ancient Daoist wisdom from her Chinese grandmother and her lineage. Lillian has brought those teachings into her life and her work. She enjoys helping people uncover their Original Face to find their Golden Path. She also loves to write, cook, sing and play with her grandson.

Sabine Wilms


Sabine Wilms PhD is a former goat farmer and the author of more than a dozen books on Chinese medicine (sold at her publishing website Happy Goat Productions here). She specializes in bringing ancient Chinese wisdom from the medical and philosophical classics to life in the context of contemporary practice of medicine in the largest sense of that word, including women’s health and yangsheng.

This qi,
You cannot stop it with physical strength,
And yet you can quiet it with your inner power;
You cannot call it with your voice,
And yet you can welcome it with intention/awareness.
Guard it reverently and do not lose it.
This is called maturing your inner power.
When your inner power is mature, wisdom emerges,
And every one of the myriad things will be grasped.
— Guanzi 管子, Neiye 內業 (Inner Cultivation)

Registration and information

To begin the application process, please complete this questionnaire. If you have any questions, contact the event coordinator Robyn Sodders at Please note that this special retreat is designed for only 15 participants so space is limited.

  • Date and time: October 17-20, 2019 (starting at 4 pm on Thursday and ending at 1 pm on Sunday).

  • Cost: $2200 (shared cabin), $2000 (private room in retreat house), $1900 (shared room in retreat house). Includes lodging, meals and snacks, and unlimited use of resort spa facilities for all four days. You will have to arrange transportation to and from the retreat center. Please note our refund policy.

  • Location: Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island in the Puget Sound north of Seattle, WA.


Blindly seeking one’s miraculous nature, widely searching for the carriage of mystery, although the Dao has an entrance, no vestiges can be foreseen.
— Brenda Hood, translation of a Daoist saying