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Chinese History & Culture

Chinese History and Culture

for Modern Practitioners of Chinese Medicine

This page is for any current or potential students who are interested in receiving personal instruction from me about Chinese history and culture, with a special focus on medical history and those topics, persons, texts, and socioeconomic changes that are of particular relevance for contemporary practitioners of Chinese medicine. I offer individual or group mentoring by the hour (click here to purchase), through Skype, email, telephone, or ideally of course in person over a cup of tea by the sea. If this is something you are interested in, get in touch with me by filling out this form or dropping me an email at Depending on your needs and desires, we can meet either individually or create small groups to make your education more affordable and provide some peer interaction.

The Classic of Reverence and Service to One's Elders ( Xiào Jīng  孝經)

The Classic of Reverence and Service to One's Elders (Xiào Jīng 孝經)

If you are starting from scratch, which is the case for most practicing acupuncturists or students at any standard current institution in the US or Europe, I envision a threefold structure with about nine sessions in each.

  1. Introduction to early Chinese history, the roots of civilization, Shang dynasty and Warring States up to 221 BCE, and classical philosophy, with a special focus on Daoism and Confucianism

  2. Imperial China: History, Buddhism and religious Daoism, art and poetry, the influence of foreign invaders, and China’s engagement with the West and the beginnings of modernity.

  3. Medical history: major figures, texts, movements, and social changes, as they affected the development of new theories and practices.

Of course this structure is completely flexible and can be modified in accordance with your needs and desires. The wonderful thing about individualized mentoring is that you and I together create the precise study program that matches your intentions. So the more clearly you express these to me, the better we can make use of our time together.

What does an actual lesson look like? We can do anything from an informal free-flowing chat to a questions-and-answers discussion, to a formal lecture with a clearly defined topic, based on a prepared slideshow that I can share with you beforehand and tailor to your questions and concerns. The larger the group is, the better it is to have more structure and clear goals. And depending on your academic background, critical thinking skills, and financial limitations, I envision a combination of study activities and reading assignments that you prepare ahead of time, a more or less formal lecture by me, and some conversation where we answer each other’s questions. In my professional experience of decades of university, college, and private teaching, passive learning is never as good as active engagement with the material, and I love to ask and receive hard questions that make all of us think.


Click here for a Bibliography on Chinese History and Culture , here for some more popular suggestions, and here for resources on studying literary Chinese, which will give you an idea of my take on these topics. And if you like what you see, drop me a note.