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Cultivating Yin

…to contemplate and cultivate Yin…

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Welcome and thank you for visiting with us!

We (Sabine Wilms with the assistance of Brenda Hood and Lillian Pearl Bridges) invite you to join us in a daily practice of taking a brief moment to contemplate how we might cultivate Yin right here, right now.

Our intention is to share a brief thought, statement, image, or practice regularly, as often as feels nurturing to us, so that we subtly and gradually make room for and nurture Yin in each of our personal lives, as individuals, in the creation of an intentional community, and ultimately on a cosmic level. Explore our offerings so far and, if you appreciate them, sign up for gentle little reminders of the “transformative power of Yin,” to restore a much-needed balance of Yin and Yang in our modern Yang-embracing world and culture.

Do nothing, and nothing is left undone! This project may or may not continue past its culmination in a four-day retreat on Orcas Island on October 17-20 on “The Transformative Power of Yin,” led by the three of us. We are simply going with the flow without pushing it and shall see how this evolves. You can also follow us on our Facebook page “The Transformative Power of Yin.”

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