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Cultivating Yin

…to contemplate and cultivate Yin…

Purity and Stillness to Counter Wind

As we contemplate cultivating Yin, the term qingjing 清靜 “purity and stillness” always comes to my mind as an ideal that is frequently emphasized in the medical literature. For example, Huangdi Nei Jing, Suwen 《黃帝內經素問》 Chapter 3 (生氣通天論 Treatise on Vital Qì Connecting with Heaven) states:



For this reason [we say], ‘wind is the fetal beginning of the hundred diseases.’ In a state of purity and stillness, the interstices of the flesh [fulfill their physiological function and] close and are resistant against [the invasion of external evils]. Even though there might be great wind and harsh poison, these will not be able to cause harm. This is due to being in accord with the progression of the seasons.

Sabine WilmsComment