Translating Ancient Chinese Wisdom into Medicine for Today


Chinese History and Culture


This list is by no means comprehensive, and definitely a work in progress. It is intended for any current practitioners or students of Chinese medicine who want to know more about the historical and cultural background of their medicine. Please email me any suggestions for new resources that I may not be aware of yet. If you need guidance, consider becoming a member at Imperial Tutor (for more information, click here, and to sign up or log in , click here) to gain access to more detailed reference lists and course proposals, broken down by specific topics. check out my mentoring offerings.

Essential Textbooks

  • Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Cambridge Illustrated History of China (Cambridge University Press, 1996)

  • Philip J. Ivanhoe and Bryan W. Van Norden, Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy (Hackett Publishing, 2nd edition, 2005)

  • Bryan W. Van Norden, Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy (Hackett, Publishing, 2011)

  • Livia Kohn, Daoism and Chinese Culture (Three Pines Press, 2001)

  • Sandra Hill, Chinese Medicine from the Classics: A Beginner’s Guide (Monkey Press, 2014)

  • TJ Hinrichs and Linda L. Barnes, eds., Chinese Medicine and Healing. An Illustrated History (Harvard University Press, 2013)

Recommended Books

  • Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Chinese Cilization. A Sourcebook (The Free Press, 1981/1993)

  • Tsai Chi Chung, Confucius Speaks (Anchor Books, Doubleday, 1996)

  • Edward Slingerland, Confucius: Analects. With Selections from Traditional Commentaries (Hackett Publishing, 2003)

  • A.C. Graham, Chuang-Tzu, The Inner Chapters (Mandala, 1988/1991)

  • Burton Watson, Zhuangzi. Basic Writings (Columbia University Press, 2003)

  • Thomas Merton, The Way of Chuang Tzu (Penguin Books, 2010)

  • Roger T. Ames and David L Hall, Dao De Jing, A Philosophical Translation (Ballantine Books, 2003)

  • Gia-fu Feng and Jane English, transl., Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching (Random House, 1972)

  • Ursula K. Le Guin, Lao Tzu. Tao Te Ching. A Book About the Way and the Power of the Way (Shambala, 1998)

  • Harold D. Roth, Original Tao. Inward Training (Nei-Yeh) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism (Columbia University Press, 1999)

  • Margaret J Pearson, The Original I Ching. An Authentic Translation of the Book of Changes Based on Recent Discoveries (Tuttle Publishing, 2011)

  • Liu Ming, Changing. Zhouyi: The Heart of the Yijing (Da Yuan Circle, 2005)

  • Richard Wilhelm and Cary F. Baynes, The I Ching or Book of Changes (Princeton University Press, 1972)

  • Angus C. Graham, Disputers of the Tao: Philosophical Argument in Ancient China (Open Court, 1989)

  • Chad Hansen, A Daoist Theory of Chinese Thought (Oxford University Press, 1992).