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Beachwalk Blog

Beachwalk Blog

While I am not sure which direction this blog is going to go in or where it will ultimately arrive, it is meant to give me the space for some less academic and more personal writing. Specifically, I intend to chronicle the thoughts and experiences that visit me in the quiet meditative space of my long beachwalks on a remote beach only accessible during low tide. I hope that these reflections give you and me a growing sense of familiarity with my new home through the cycle of the seasons.

A few of my favorite things on a slow Sunday morning in June

Cat on my lab, preening herself in the morning sun
Raven calling to eagle high, high above
The faintest glimpse of the sun reflecting on the sea through the trees
A clearly imaginary hint of rose scent from across the yard
The quiet of a lone butterfly’s wings
The play of sun rays in an otherwise invisible breeze reflected in the birdbath
Goats chewing their cud five miles away, contentedly waiting for me to feed and milk them
The steam off my “Whidbey Fog” Earl Grey tea with goat milk
The music of Heaven and Earth humming in harmony for those of us quiet enough to listen in this particular moment
Gratitude for my life in its abundance of zucchinis, milk, and friends
Every morning that I get to wake up with my ancient dog still snoring and dreaming of another beach walk
My daughter a flame of hot passion and hope and spirit
Rolling over in the middle of a swim to find the eagle in the currents above watching the seal watching me watching the crab watching the shrimp in the seagrass in the currents below.
Surrendering to the Dao and finding the Dao to be good

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