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Beachwalk Blog

Beachwalk Blog

While I am not sure which direction this blog is going to go in or where it will ultimately arrive, it is meant to give me the space for some less academic and more personal writing. Specifically, I intend to chronicle the thoughts and experiences that visit me in the quiet meditative space of my long beachwalks on a remote beach only accessible during low tide. I hope that these reflections give you and me a growing sense of familiarity with my new home through the cycle of the seasons.

August 13: The scenery


This is the view at low tide from Portico, the restaurant where my daughter works, in Langley back to Bells Beach (near where I live), the bulkhead and houses that you can see in the far far distance, if you have hawk eyes. Across the channel is Camano Island. Distant forest fires are making the air hazy.

Have some churros....

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